Tim Risher plans to release an album of collaborations early next year, and a couple of these will be with me - Still Morning is one we've completed, and we're working on another right now.

So he recently sent me a WAV - we usually start by tossing back and forth raw material for a while - and asked me if I could recognize the source:

"Dreaming" - Tim Risher & Tom DePlonty (fragment)

I didn't, and I think he enjoyed telling me it was a warped fragment from my own piece "Corridor".

It's appropriate that Tim should be recycling it, because "Corridor" is itself based on a musical idea I stole from him:

Tim has used similar figures - along with a variety of tricks based on expanding, contracting, or abruptly changing the figure length, which I also cheerfully appropriated - in the piano parts of a number of his pieces.