Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ballade 1

"Ballade 1" (July, 2011).

The source sounds for "Ballade 1" are from a personal recording of the Brahms Ballades for piano, op. 10; most of the processing was done using the terrific Soundhack tools created by Tom Erbe.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Looking Back

Looking Back is Auraltone Music's anniversary release, including new and previously-released music:

1. Travel Trip - Nu2 11:12
2. Tom DePlonty - Spell 03:48
3. Dentist - Freezer 08:02
4. Tim Risher - If suddenly you forget me 05:20
5. etokle - Het mechanische gebied van de slaap 09:00
6. Tim Risher / Claus Gahrn - Night Flash: 8 pm 07:00
7. Cometa - Nakedness III 05:34
8. Tim Risher / Claus Gahrn - Autumn Atmosphere 05:47
9. Paragaté - Liquid Siftings 07:49
10. Ambient Fabric - Sphere 2:04

Just $5.00 at Bandcamp. Check it out!
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Music by me, Tim, and Paragaté can be found on the Camerata Music page.


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