The music on Corridor, which was written between 2009 and 2010, combines material composed using musical processes and games - different ways of building up, breaking down, transforming and juxtaposing patterns - with improvised passages. Sometimes improvisation is used for raw material. For example, "In rain and light" is composed by looping and juxtaposing fragments drawn from one short passage in a piano improvisation. Other pieces are wholly or partially improvised, using a musical process or game for guidance, or as a foil.

These pieces are connected to a breadth of minimal and ambient music that I love, and sometimes also to the canons and melodies of children's music. Since I am a pianist, pianos (more or less warped) often appear as characters. And the music is generally very quiet. In fact, two of the tracks ("Sleeping monsters lie" and "Zen baby") are lullabies - and those are the ones with the drums.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my friend, the composer Marc Gaspard.