"Corridor" (September, 2010).

I'm fond of the musical device augmentation: stretching out a sequence of rhythmic values, or harmonies, or a melody, over increasingly long periods of time. For "Corridor", I stole a figure, especially well-suited to this treatment, from Tim Risher. (It's the basis of the quick electric piano line that starts about twenty seconds in.) Tim has used similar figures, along with a repertoire of tricks that involve expanding and contracting them, slowly or abruptly - which I also appropriated - in the keyboard parts of a number of his pieces. In the last section, these figures are combined with fragments of the shape-note hymn "Idumea": Tim introduced me the hymn, too (and shape-note music in general). It's only fitting that "Corridor" is dedicated to him.

This is the title track of the album Corridor.